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Events & Pre and Post Conference

Events, Conferences, Pre & Post Touring

Events and Exhibitions



Tasmania's Hidden Experiences Jennie Chapman has 30 years experience in marketing through working directly with cultural heritage, arts and garden / landscape sectors.  She has the ability to plan and market an exciting large or small event or an exhibition for you. This experience includes the organising of contemporary art exhibitions and working closely with the artists.

Her work has involved product development and event creation & management as a way to raise the awareness in the community and tourism of the significance of Australia's and in particular Tasmania's attributes.

Conference, Events and Pre & Post Touring

Tasmania's Hidden Experiences offer a full conference consultancy and secretariat service.  We are well organised to manage events and conferences, as well as the touring component before and after a conference.  These tours and experiences can be arranged as part of the whole package or a part thereof and take the delegates to places not normally open to the public, making a memorable experience. Outsourcing is an effective way to go.


  • Professional consultation and secretarial service
  • Budget and finance
  • Venue and catering
  • Registration and delegate management
  • Accommodation referral
  • Promotion - brochures and website
  • Program development and speaker management
  • Trade exhibition and sponsorship
  • Social events and tours
  • Onsite management
  • Evaluation at close of event

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Tourism Consultant Pre and post touring consultancy and event management